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The brief:

Follow a single user and conduct a design sprint to identify how a mobile app can assist them in their needs. 

Prime Health

Accessing reliable nutrition information

A mobile application where the user can customize their food and dietary needs based on their current health deficiencies and diet as prescribed by a doctor.  

Problem Statement

Vision Statement

Lisa, a busy student, is trying to change her eating habits, but she is confused on what is "healthy: because she cannot find the reliable information she is looking for. 

My solution will help Lisa change her lifestyle while (1) gaining reliable information, (2) receiving recommendations, and (3) learning techniques for changing her habits. 


Through journey mapping, interviews, and observation, I found that the user, Lisa, had some key paint points with her existing health app. These included: lack of reliable information, customization, and personalized health suggestions. 

Scenario thumbnails


Above shows some sample scenarios of how an application would support Lisa's health needs. 

Wire Framing


Media Kit

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